Monday, July 7, 2008

5th Destination

Chris had the carmera the whole time we were at Danny and Danielle's house so I didn't get hardly any pictures, but that little Rosabelle is so darn cute and it really made me miss that new born stage.

Kahner had so much fun in Danny's studio! And may I say thanks to DaNae, cause he now keeps asking for a drum set!! Kahner loved little Ella. If only we was like that with his own sister the world be be a better place.! It was so nice seeing everyone. And seeing that you can live in L. A. and have an awesome back yard makes it so much easier to move down that way. But of course we probably won't be that lucky.

4th destination

Now this was one long day for us, but we sure had a blast!! Both of them loved meeting Mickey!But the rides Kahner like the most were Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and he did like Nemo. Kailiyah loved the little rides and she loved the parade. We were there all day and night and the only bad part of the day was that I lost my phone. :(

3rd Destination

San Clemente, California!!! Best place on earth! This is where Chris was raised and now I know why he wants to move back so bad. It's a small little surf town with the best sunset ever. I hope we'll be on the road real soon for a big move!

Second Destination!!

First time at the Beach!!

Kahner loved the beach
Teaching Kahner how to surf
Meeting Grandma Rosa for the first time
She loved Uncle Chris!!

Vegas Baby!!

Our first destination on our 10 day trip was in Vegas. We only had two days there, but we got to do so much. We took the kids out on the lake, saw Ben, DaNae, Ella, Aunt Tlesa and her fam, went to a wedding and also took the kids to Circus Circus!!

They loved the lake!

Crazy I know!!!
Ella was so cute and loved sharing with Kailiyah!
Heather and Robert at the wedding!

Kahner on a ride at Circus Circus

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hair hair hair!!

Chis thinks his hair styles for Kiliyah are better than mine!! I happen to think that she likes mine better than trying to be just daddy and Kahner!!lol

The new way of trying to curl her hair so that I don't burn her anymore!! If she'll just keep them in I think she would agree..!!

Birthday Fun

Kailiyah went to her first Birthday Party for her little friend Hannah the other day and they had so much fun! Always tryin to do everything their bothers so!!

Loves for best friends!