Saturday, April 5, 2008

IT's MoHaWk SeAsOn

This is a day in History for Chris. Since probably 12 years old he's had the exact same hair cut that you all have seen. This is the first time he's done something else! Congrats Chris for taking that big step in the right direction! I really don't like shaving Kahner's hair, I like to see some of the curls, but he gets so hot in his skateboard helmet w/ a head full so this is the best and cutiest way for us to do it.Plus ya see his ears a whole lot better now and he looks more and more like my dad and Grandpa!
It's ok babe it'll grow back!


Dori said...

That is a good spring/summer haircut. You can grow back his curls for fall. But I must admit, the curls are so CUTE!

DaNae said...

Love it! Matching son and dad are too cute.

Deborah said...

Look at the money you save on hair cuts. Amanda email me your address at
Love ya