Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Blonde BombShell!!

I told myself that when I lost enough weight I would go out and do something just for me.. And this is what I did.. I'm now blonde..!! I've done the dark thing since I was in high school and wanted something way different! I actually really love it. Well everything but the cost to get it done!lol I've never even thought about spending that much on my hair and to tell ya the truth if I even knew it was going to be that much I would have never done it. I guess it's just a good thing I didn't know cause I love it!! What's funny is that it took 5 hours to get it done and Chris had me meet him and the kids at the park afterwards to see it and Kahner was like 15 feet away from me and he didn't know who I was. When I picked Kailiyah up she looked at me like lady who are you and what are you doing picking me up?? It was too funny!


Dave said...

I thought you were Britney Spears for a second. By the way, it is appropriate to call yourself a "blonde bombshell"?

DaNae said...

You are a blonde bombshell fo real! It is fun for a change I bet!