Monday, May 12, 2008

My first Race!! And I finished!!!

Well my first 5k race was pretty much a practice race for my 10k in 3weeks. I'm so glad that I did the practice race because I thought oh no prob,,, ok i've been running but it's all a straight away at the race it was up hill almost the whole time and it kicked my butt. I did run the whole race and finish at a little over 30 mins. Now I need to map a new run so that I can be more prepared for the 10. And I have to say DaNae I don't know how you can run a half marathon. CRAZY!lol


DaNae said...

I am so proud of you girl!! You will be addicted to running from now on probably. You had a good time, I am crazy for running marathons.

Dori said...

Way to go Amanda. Your first 5K, how exciting. You're one hot blonde mamma!

Deborah said...

Way to go girlfriend. You are awesome. you look adorable but really I love your red hair.