Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daddy's Hands!!

What a crazy week it has been for us here in Colorado. On Thursday I got the kids in the car to go to a friends and babysit. On the way there the sky turned totally BLACK and the clouds started twirling. I had no idea what was about to happen. Golf ball size hail started beating down on the car and one of the cars infornt of me totally flipped. By this time I was already stopped on the side of the road along with most of the other cars. There was a truck pulling a horse trailer parked on the side next to us and it had been flipped over and all the horses escaped. Kahner and I were both screaming. It was so sad especially when Kahner started yelling" somebody please help us." I had no idea what to do and I truly thought we were all about to die. Since the whole sky was black and twirling I had no idea we were in the middle of a tornado. It passed with in about 5 minutes and hit the next little town by house and completely turned it upside down. Chris has been at work ever since trying to get power back on to the community. When I sat back and saw all the other cars that had stop sighns flying through the car windows I knew my Dad was watching us. And after Kahner yelled contiually asking someone to help us I told him Grandpa Justin is helping us right now bud and he won't let anything happen. What a blessing it was that nothing major happened. Now I just have to see if the insurance will pay for the dents that the hail made. Other than that we are all ok. Thanks Dad I love you..

Chris drinking a red bull so the 24hr. shifts wouldn't be too bad.


DaNae said...

I have been thinking about you guys since I see CO on the news everyday. I am so glad that nothing happened! I am sure Uncle J was looking out for you.

Dave said...

That's some scary crap.

Deborah said...

Oh My! So glad that you are all well. You are right your dad was and is always watching over you. What a great memorial to give your dad by running the 10k. He would be so proud of you, I know that I am. Hugs and kisses!